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home visits

The rules

Home visits by our internists and other specialists are made only after an arrangement made with our operators. They will ask you about your current ilnesses and symptoms, take your address for the visit, arrange the date and time and inform you about the payment method and the fee ( see our price list)

Quick online payment will cause your home visit to be made immediately after the confirmation of your transfer. Declaring the cash payment will shorten your waiting time to the necessary minimum.

The maximum waiting time for your home visit is 4 hours from ordering your visit or in case of online payments - from receiving the confirmation of your transfer. When justifiable, the waiting time could differ.

Our operator can refuse to accept your order. The reason could be symptoms which the operator assesses as posing danger to your life. These are as:

In case of those symptoms or injuries, the operator will inform you about the need to contact ambulance service station or emergency hospital unit and will give you assistance and guidance regarding your actions till a paramedic team arrives.

Our operator can refuse to take an order from an aggressive or drunk patient.

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